Formed in 2012 and hailing from Brisbane's Northern suburbs, The Whiskey Protocol brings together some of Brisbane's most talented and experienced musicians into a Country Rock powerhouse.


With a background of Rock, Pop, and Blues guitarist Mik has relished the refreshing move into the Country-rock genre. Mik cut his teeth in the music scene on the hi-ways and by-ways of Far North QLD before moving down to SE QLD playing in various line-ups before answering the call from Gabe and Catherine to join them in 'The Whiskey Protocol'


More than just the face of the band, Catherine is also its heart and soul. Having been singing since high-school, Catherine has a smooth country vocal style that handles all styles of music. Catherine was born and raised on acreage an hour north of Brisbane and may have always been destined to sing Country / Southern Rock music. With a love of most musical genres, Catherine found herself particularly drawn to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kasey Chambers and Gretchen Wilson. Dabbling in piano, various choirs and karaoke set the stage for one of her greatest joys - singing - to flourish. She actually met Gabe (vocalist / guitarist / harmonica player) whilst singing karaoke, and the happy couple hasn't looked back since! Catherine enjoys learning new songs and testing her limits in range and style, so just holler out if you'd like her to learn your favourite song!


Born on the bayou and raised on jambalaya... At least that's what he'd like you to think. Born in the bush and raised on Jack Daniel's is more like it. If Catherine is the face of the band then Gabe is certainly the mouth. Entertaining the crowds with his deep baritone voice, country-fried guitar chops and occasional blues-harp breakdowns keeps our big, bad, bald, beardy frontman busy and (mostly) out of trouble. Having played piano since age 7 and guitar since age 13 with dabblings in blues harp, saxophone, bass, drums, songwriting and production along the way - Gabe understands what makes a song great.


Hatched from an egg produced by an unholy union between Lemmy and Bootsy Collins, Cam emerged with a low E string in place of an umbilical cord. Raised on a strict diet of melodic metal and Korean pop music, Cam now feels at home riffing out on good ol' boy Southern Rock. Holding down the funky bottom end with dash and aplomb, Cam is the backbone of The Whiskey Protocol's sound.


A dark and mysterious figure. Women want him, men just want to bask in his radiant masculinity. Travelling all the way from a windswept, rocky outcrop somewhere North of "Glarsgeh" via a windswept rocky outcrop somewhere South of Dunedin to be our timekeeper and part-time conscience. Some say he thinks in five-eighths time and has double-jointed wrists. We just know him as "Paul".